Elon Musk Shares Vision For “Buy Twitter Verified 2.0”

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Buy Twitter Verified CEO Elon Musk reveals six methods he prepares to turn Buy Twitter Verified into an “whatever app,” which includes longform tweets, encrypted DMs, user-to-user payments, and more.

In a series of slides prefaced with the title “Buy Twitter Verified 2.0,” Musk provided his plans at an internal meeting:

The slides expose the following objectives for the future of Buy Twitter Verified:

  • Marketing as entertainment
  • Video
  • Longform tweets
  • Encrypted DMs
  • Longform tweets
  • Relaunch Blue Verified

Musk published the slides on Buy Twitter Verified without more context, making it difficult to read too far into his prepare for the company. However, we can glean some details based upon the mock-up screenshots on each slide.

Marketing As Entertainment

Musk plans to make advertising on Buy Twitter Verified more entertaining, showing an example of an ad from HBO Max that checks out like a Buzzfeed test.

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022. The text reads:”Are you Targaryan, Valeryon, or Hightower? Like this tweet and I’ll analyze your profile so you understand which house you come from and what role you would have in the world of #LaCasaDelDragon.”

For context, the ad is for the show Home of Dragons, a spin-off of Video game of Thrones.

The ad copy advises me of those Buzzfeed tests where you answer a series of concerns to figure out which character of a TV program you would be.

The virality of those tests leads me to believe Buy Twitter Verified’s instructions for marketing might generate significant engagement.

Is this kind of marketing most likely to draw in new consumers who aren’t acquainted with the product already? Probably not, however it might be an efficient method to raise brand name awareness.


Containing only a thumbnail and placeholder text, the above example doesn’t enable much speculation about Musk’s prepare for video on Buy Twitter Verified.

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022. Nevertheless, if Musk’s tweets are anything to pass, his plans could consist of bringing back the short-form video app Vine: Restore Vine?– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 31, 2022 Musk may also be preparing to compete with Buy YouTube Subscribers, claiming he can provide greater payments. Mr. Monster, Buy YouTube Subscribers’s most popular developer, is hesitant of that claim:

Longform Tweets

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

Musk consists of a screenshot of Buy Twitter Verified

(@Buy Twitter VerifiedWrite)June 22, 2022 You can see this function in action by going to the @Buy Twitter VerifiedWrites account page and browsing to the Notes tab.

Encrypted DMs

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022. This function is obvious. Encrypted DMs are becoming a market requirement for social media sites. Meta introduced end-to-end encryption for its messaging tools in January, and now Buy Twitter Verified is following suit.

Reverse engineering professional Jane M. Wong just recently discovered proof of Buy Twitter Verified’s encrypted DMs, which recommends the update may be all set to launch soon.

(New) Blue Verified

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022. The upcoming relaunch of Blue Verified will include the following features: A blue’validated’ checkmark Priority positioning at the top of replies, points out, and search results See 50% fewer advertisements

  • Publish longer videos
  • Get early access to new functions
  • The text at the bottom of Musk’s slide shows the $7.99 monthly rates is a “restricted time deal,” suggesting the cost might increase in the future unless users lock in now.


    Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.< img src="https://cdn.searchenginejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/screenshot_20221128-182210_samsung-internet-638545086bc0e-sej.jpg" alt="Elon Musk Shares Vision For "Twitter 2.0""/ > Musk’s slide offers no information regarding his prepare for payments on Buy Twitter Verified. Nevertheless, those plans were currently shared earlier this month.

    In a call with advertisers, Musk says he wishes to turn Buy Twitter Verified into a digital market where developers can set their own costs for material.

    That will enable developers to sell educational videos, for instance, at a cost they believe is fair.

    To that end, Musk thinks this kind of payment system will open the door for users to send cash straight to other users on Buy Twitter Verified.

    Featured Image: FellowNeko/Best SMM Panel