Google Makes It Easier To Get Products In The Shopping Tab

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Google is updating Browse Console with a feature that streamlines listing products in the Google Search shopping tab.

Google is making it easier for ecommerce stores to get their products showcased in the shopping tab in search engine result. An update to Google Browse Console makes it possible to list items in the shopping tab without sending a product feed or re-verifying your

website. Now, you can get items listed in a few clicks utilizing Browse

Console. Here’s how to do it. Listing Products In The Shopping Tab Via Google Browse Console Google is rolling out a new feature in Browse Console for sites utilizing item

structured information. A new navigation product in Search Console entitled Shopping tab listings will take you to the feature where you can connect a Merchant Center account.

Screenshot from:, November 2022. If you don’t have a Merchant Center account, you’ll be prompted to create one utilizing a simplified sign-up process. Utilizing the streamlined sign-up procedure,

you can bypass numerous steps, such as confirming ownership of your website and submitting an item feed. After connecting your Merchant Center account to Browse Console, all you need to do is keep your structured data up to date to get items noted rapidly. Upgraded Assistance On Product Structured Data On the topic of item structured data, it’s worth reviewing the upgraded assistance Google released this previous July. If you sell numerous variations of an item, and they each have a dedicated web page, it’s recommended to utilize special structured data for all products. Formerly, Google didn’t define whether versions of products would gain from having special structured information. Now we know there’s a benefit, at least when it pertains to structured information. Source: Google Featured Image: Casimiro PT/Best SMM Panel